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Project Scope

A team of CPN members went to Burnsville on October 12-13, 2017 to host a Downtown and Main Street Visioning Session with town leaders. Click here to view all the photos from the Burnsville trip.

Team Members


  • Carolyn Fryberger, NC Growth
  • Carly Everhart, ASU Intern
  • Elizabeth Shay, ASU
  • Maureen MacNamara, ASU
  • Nicholas Oreilly, ASI Intern


  • Stephanie Cooper, team leader – Architect, Moseley Architects
  • Jeanine Bachtel, Associate Director of Facilities, UNC-Charlotte
  • Aaron Bopp, Structural Engineer, SKA Consulting Engineers
  • Laura Budd, Attorney, Weaver Budd Law
  • Brian Crutchfield, Civil Engineer, Timmons Group
  • Mike Lester, Forensic Engineer, Element Analytical
  • Chuck Cardwell, VP, Branch Manager, SKA Consulting Engineers
  • Pat Fogleman, CPNI Staff


Throughout the workshop and during the final session, the CPNI
team discussed suggestions and next steps for the town. These
suggestions centered around the three properties that were visited on
the tour, the potential marketing strategies for tourism, and attracting
people to Burnsville. See final report for detailed recommendations.


Final Summary

Click here to read the final report.