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University Internship Program

Since 2002, CPN has funded an undergraduate scholarship program to foster and encourage young adults to pursue careers in the construction industry. The membership of CPN established an annual student scholarship award to assist in the education of the future leaders of the construction industry and to create an alliance between CPN and the North Carolina institutions that provide construction industry education.

Scholarship recipients received an in-state tuition scholarship and a complimentary one-year membership in CPN. Historically, CPN has provided 2-4 undergraduate scholarships per year to rising junior or seniors in construction related degree programs at North Carolina colleges or universities.

North Carolina schools, undergraduateThe Community Foundation of Greensboro administers the CPN scholarship funds and the student application process.  Scholarship recipients are selected each spring and the scholarship is awarded for the fall semester.

In calendar year 2011, CPN funded $4,500 in scholarships at a cost of approximately $3,000 in scholarship administration ($2,500 +/-) and fund management ($500 +/-). The CPN Scholarship Fund has an asset basis of approximately $56,600. At its annual conference in 2012, CPN approved the transition of the scholarship program to an internship program operated by the CPN Institute through a donor-directed plan administered by the Community Foundation of Greensboro.

As of December 31, 2011 CPNI focuses on providing community built environment assessment and strategic planning services to rural communities across North Carolina. CPNI has found that its services are in increasingly great demand and may in time outstrip its  volunteer base. We have also observed that many of the rural communities have very limited  staff and/or resources with which to carry out the CPNI community recommendations.

The internship program will allow the CPN Institute to place a university intern in a rural community to support the CPN Institute’s mission to empower North Carolina communities to improve their physical and economic environment. Interns will work in conjunction with the CPN Institute volunteers and community leaders.

Interns will assist with the coordination and organization of the CPN Institute’s community services for rural towns.  Interns may also be placed in rural communities to supplement local staff and resources in order implement the program recommendations coming out of the CPN Institute’s Community Report.