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About CPNI

CPN of North Carolina, Inc. [“CPN”] is a statewide membership organization of business and professional leaders who are involved with design, construction and related construction industry services. As a multi-disciplined and professionally diverse construction trade association, CPN members include architects and designers, engineers, developers, constructors and sub-contractors, construction and dispute attorneys, construction bankers, and other related service professionals. Its members are either owners or senior management within their respective firms who have been invited to join CPN.

CPN fills a need for a statewide organization that is more than a business development networking group.  CPN is a “resource” comprised of leaders from all the various disciplines supporting the construction industry, rather than an organization of persons or firms promoting a limited special interest.  The diversity of disciplines and businesses within the membership of CPN makes it unique among construction industry associations.


Construction Professionals Network Institute [“CPN Institute”] volunteers our design and construction industry expertise as a catalyst to empower North Carolina communities to improve their physical and economic environment. The CPN Institute responds to these issues with original research, educational programs and community service involving all aspects of the Construction Industry. The CPN Institute is passionate in sharing its diverse resources to empower the communities served by the CPN Institute.


All of the CPN Institute’s activities are focused on and conducted within North Carolina. The CPN Institute strives to identify emerging issues related to industry performance, economic development and the betterment of CPN members and the communities they serve.

The CPN Institute places great value on the diversity of its membership. All of the operational and administrative activities of the CPN Institute are currently provided by volunteers from the CPN membership and through contract relationships with professional/support organizations and student interns and researchers through North Carolina universities and institutions of higher education. Operational funding has been provided through annual CPN member contributions and pledges as well as corporate and foundation grants.

The CPN Institute concentrates on research, education and community service initiatives. Through its Revitalization Initiative or Re:NC Project, the CPN Institute provides support to Tier 1 and Tier 2 communities in North Carolina in revitalizing legacy built environment and infrastructure in rural North Carolina communities. The CPN Institute is also developing and delivering a cadre of educational training programs and workshops to assist smaller towns and communities in undertaking and understanding development, construction and sustainability projects.


  • We are passionate in sharing all of our diverse resources to empower each community we serve.
  • We value the diverse membership of the CPNi community.
  • We value leaders in the community, their businesses, and their professions.
  • We believe we should treat all people with respect, fairness and compassion.
  • We value our relationships with each community. We respect our communities’ values and unique attributes.
  • We believe in high professional standards of integrity, ethics, and behavior in our actions and deliverables.
  • We believe in all members working together with each other and the community to achieve our goals.


  • Create an internal operational plan
  • Engage membership
  • Achieve and maintain financial stability
  • Define target and client market and scope of services


The CPN Institute is governed by a Board of Directors who typically serve three year terms and who also serve on the Board of Directors of CPN of North Carolina, Inc. The CPN Institute is under the leadership of a Chair who is elected by the Board of Directors. Other officers include a Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The responsibilities of the CPN Institute chair and other officers include:

  • Soliciting funding for the organization to allow it to carry out its mission
  • Soliciting and responding to requests for proposals for work to be performed by the CPN Institute
  • Developing scope of work for studies and projects
  • Configuring project teams in response to opportunities and initiatives
  • Coordinating with CPN and its members to staff CPNI projects and initiatives
  • Collaborating with universities and academic institutions and industry associations
  • Promoting CPN Institute’s activities and initiatives at conference and other appropriate venues