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Project Scope

With a population of more than 5,000 residents, Whiteville serves as the county seat for Columbus County.  Named for the original owner of the town site, James B. White, in 1810, the bustling city lies along major thoroughfares U.S. 74 between Lumberton and Wilmington, U.S. 76 from Florence, SC to Wilmington, and U.S. Route 701 from Elizabethtown to Conway, SC.

Team Members


  • Rachel Taylor, NCGrowth Analyst
  • Jess Wilkinson, NCGrowth Economic Development Manager


  • Marc Momsen, PE, LandDesign – Team Leader
  • Jeanine Bachtel, PE, UNC-Charlotte
  • Stephanie Cooper, Moseley Architects
  • Aaron Frederickson, Balfour Beatty Construction
  • Dan O-Brien, Turner Construction
  • Jessica Freeman, CPN of NC


  • Create a Master Plan
  • Build in Equity
  • Activate Downtown
    • Increase Wayfinding and Develop Placemaking Initiatives
    • Establish On-Going Place Management
  • Diversify the Downtown Economy
  • Improve Government Regulations and Processes
  • Build Relationships for Financing Projects
  • Engage in External and Internal Marketing
    • Online & Social Media Strategy
    • Cross Promotion
  • Mitigate Flooding and Tap into Assets of Soules Swamp
  • Conduct Research on Incubators and Their Alternatives


Final Summary

Click here to read the final report
Click here to see photos from the workshop