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Town of Ramseur

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Project Scope

CPNI was requested by the Town of Ramseur North Carolina to compile a team of experts in development, design and construction to help them with an assessment of the legacy properties in Ramseur.

Team Members

  • Michael West – CPN Past President (September 2011 & December 2011 team)
  • Peter Marsh – CPN Past President (September 2011 & December 2011 team)
  • Michael Schiftan – 2013-2014 CPN President (September 2011 & December 2011 team)
  • Michael Lester – civil structural design (September 2011 & December 2011 team)
  • Peyton Fairbank – CPN Past President (December 2011 team)
  • Todd Berg – CPN Board of Director (December 2011 team)
  • Mike Auman – caring/protecting buildings (December 2011 team)
  • Bobbi Brumsey – CPN Past President (December 2011 team)
  • Peyton Fairbank – CPNI Chairman


Initial Investigation and Assessment:

  • The development and implementation of a revitalization strategy for the assessed properties will benefit from continued community engagement combined with outside assistance for planning and financing initiatives.
  • Ramseur should approach downtown revitalization by taking small, manageable steps in the context of a big dream plan. The community needs to feel they are successful as they take each step toward the overall goal.

Appearance and Cleanliness:

  • Enlist the efforts of local groups to host quarterly or semi-annual clean up days in downtown. Use ordinances and polite encouragement to get property owners to clean up their property and remove trash and abandoned personal property.
  • Address the deteriorating parking attendant booth in its lots across from Town Hall. Reposition use of the booth as a Visitors Information Center.
  • Work with and encourage property owners to spruce up the exterior of downtown buildings. Encourage decorating of storefronts.

Gateways and Wayfaring:

  • Identify Gateways to the downtown and professionally enhancing the signage at the Gateways along US64/NC49.
  • A system of wayfaring signs and maps reflective of the community’s branding should be located to direct visitors to community points of interest.

Develop the Main-Brooklyn Activity Center:

  • Ramseur has several public and natural assets which should be incorporated into the town’s branding and marketing efforts. Ramseur Lake and an abundant number of town parks and recreational facilities should be promoted.
  • Explore development opportunities on the land on both sides of Brooklyn Avenue.

Streetscape and Facade Enhancements:

  • A streetscape improvement project would enhance the appearance of the downtown and would be inviting to visitors.

Final Summary

The town of Ramseur has many opportunities and obstacles to the revitalization of the downtown community.  CPNI attempted to address some of the more critical issues facing the Town in respect to its built environment through an assessment of community selected properties adn an overview of revitalization initaitives. The community’s success in revitalizing the community will be reflective of the leadership’s ability to develop a community endorsed strategic plan, which prioritizes work efforts and allocation of limited resources.

Revitalization efforts should focus on implementation of the following priorities:

  • Develop strategies to encourage revitalization of downtown buildings
  • Explore sources of funding and financing vehicles for downtown redevelopment
  • Encourage timely completion of the Rail Trail and public access points on the Deep River
  • Develop and implement a branding and marketing strategy for the Town of Ramseur and downtown Ramseur
  • Pursue private, public, and private-public development of a family oriented entertainment/sports/recreational venue along the Deep River and Rail Trail in the downtown area
  • Create Gateway points to encourage tourists and visitors to the downtown
  • Mobilize a clean-up and apperance emphasis/drive for downtown Ramseur
  • Consider a spring festival and other events to be held in downtown Ramseur to attract commerce downtown and gain exposure for business opportunities in the downtown.

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