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Siler City

Project Scope

Siler City is located in Chatham County in Central North Carolina. The Countywas formed in 1771 and its commerce developed from a mixture of industry andagriculture. Siler City is the County’s largest municipality, located on the western side of the County between the Triangle and Triad regions (at the junction of US 64 and 421).

Team Members

  • Mike Burriss – VP, Metccon- 2014 CPN  President
  • Andrew Scott – Assistant City Manager for Economic Development, City of Greensboro
  • Sun Breza – Construction Services Manager, ECS Carolinas
  • Gunnar Fromen – Retired, Carolinas Bank
  • Arty Bolick -Partner, Brooker Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, L.L.P.
  • Michael Schiftan – Owner, DevCon Resources
  • Tom Foster – President, Commission WorCx
  • Linda Higgins – President, One Design Center, Inc.
  • John MacKay – VP, MBP Carolinas, Inc.
  • Michael Lemansky – Director – Development Finance Initiative


Siler City is a typical rural North Carolina town whose reality changed over the past decade with the demise of its manufacturing and employment base.  The development and implementation of a revitalization strategy for the assessed properties will benefit from continued community engagement combined with outside assistance for planning and financing initiatives.

Successful community based revitalization plans have the following ingredients:

-A clear branding strategy and marketing plan.
-An overall revitalization plan, including implementation strategies.
-Marketing studies that support the plan
-Architectural standards and guidelines.
-Financing and funding strategy.

Siler City should continue to implement its Downtown Master Plan, as well as explore opportunities for the four selected properties by taking small, manageable steps in the context of a big dream plan.  The community needs to feel the success gained by each step toward the overall goal.  With that in mind, revitalization efforts should focus on implementation of the following priorities:

Continue to partner with DFI to investigate redevelopment opportunities for the Henry Siler School and the Chatham Avenue Cotton Mill;

  • Develop strategies to encourage revitalization consistent with the Downton Master Plan;
  • Explore sources of funding and financing vehicles for Downtown redevelopment;
  • Continue efforts to support and market the NC Arts Incubator;
  • Investigate further opportunities for redevelopment of the Phillips Office Supplies Building;
  • Investigate opportunities for redevelopment / preservation of the Hotel Hadley.

Final Summary

Siler City has many opportunities and obstacles to complete revitalization of its community.  The CPNI Team attempted to address some of the opportunities presented to the Town in respect to the Downtown Master Plan and the Legacy Property assessments.  The community’s success in revitalizing the community will be reflective of the leaderships ability to develop a community endorsed strategic plan, which incorporates the Downtown Master Plan, and prioritizes work efforts and allocation of limited resources.

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