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Project Scope

Members from CPNI and NCGrowth met with local officials and community members from Murfreesboro for a two-day assesment workshop held on November 15-16, 2018.  Click here to view all the photos from the trip.

Team Members


  • Keiley Gaston, Analyst, NC Growth
  • Sabria Futrell, Analyst, NC Growth
  • Nicole Outlaw, Analyst, NC Growth
  • Carolyn Fryberger, NC Growth


  • Mike Bedell team leader – Barnhill Contracting Co
  • Marc Momsen, LandDesign
  • Mike Barnes, Thomas & Hutton
  • Maurice Harrison, Schneider Electric
  • Jim Schenck, Conner Gwyn Schenck PLLC
  • Michael Cole, ColeJenest & Stone
  • Jessica Freeman, CPN of NC


1. Create a 20 – 25 Year Master Plan for the Town of Murfreesboro

2. Build a Historical Trail/Path through Murfreesboro

3. Increase Lodging Opportunities for Murfreesboro Visitors

4. Develop a Stronger Partnership between Chowan University and Murfreesboro.

The next step for addressing these recommendations is for the Murfreesboro Town Council to form an ad hoc committee, such as a Town Master Planning Task Force. This committee could work first with a Chowan University group for early consulting services. If budget allows, this committee could eventually hire a planning consultant to assist with:
1. Create a Murfreesboro Vision Statement based off public input that captures a sense of Murfreesboro’s identity, values, and what makes it special.
2. Perform a market analysis – what are the town’s needs in terms of lodging, parking, and other amenities?
3. Prepare a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the Historical Trail/Path, including for landscaping, and adaptive reuse aspects.


Final Summary

Click here to read the final report