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Project Scope

The CPNI Norwood Workshop was held April 29-30, 2021. The April workshop focused largely on envisioning the Town’s future and potential economic development strategies the town could employ. Most of the conversation focused on the community’s desire for future growth, ways to promote and market the community, preservation of the “small town-rural character,” and high-level planning considerations.

Team Members

  • Mike Bedell, Walbridge – Team Leader
  • Julie McLaurin, Little
  • Avery Monroe, RMF Engineering
  • Maurice Harrison, Schneider Electric
  • Marc Momsen, LandDesign
  • Phil Jones, UNCC Retired
  • Doug Burns, SGA | Narmour Wright Design
  • Pat Fogleman, CPN of NC
  • Austin Amandolia, NC Growth
  • Jessica Wilkinson, NC Growth




  • Consider zoning, overlay districts, land use plans, comprehensive plans
  • Begin the process of intentional planning


  • Beautify downtown
  • Focus on homegrown business growth
  • Establish public access to the lake iv. Market Norwood
  • Develop a working group of residents to guide the future growth of Norwood

Buildings to Leverage

  • Former Water Plant
  • Vacant warehouse and mill housing

Final Report

Click here to download and read the workshop report