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Maysville Follow Up Workshop

Project Scope

CPNI members from the original Maysville workshop went back to meet with Maysville leaders on November 17th 2023.

Team Members


  • James (Jim) Schenck, Conner Gwyn Schenck PLLC, Raleigh
  • Chris Busch, Tremont Engineering, Inc., Greensboro
  • Thanh Schado, Appalachian State University Planning Graduate Program Alumna


Merchant Association
■ Merchant associations help unify a street by organizing hours, events, and
coordinating street decor.
■ Also offer strategic advertising plans such as promotional activities, and
events, and set the overall personality of the main street market area.
■ Some merchant associations have the authority to change procedures
and/or policies as well as influence lease terms and operating hours.
■ Merchant association rates can either be a flat rate membership fee or a
rate based on the percentage of retail space each business occupies.
● Most small-town businesses practice a flat rate fee.
■ Methods of promoting a merchant’s association is through a lease
stipulation requiring retail tenants to participate in the association.
■ The overall success and benefits of a merchant’s association though are
reliant on the commitment and participation of the individual members.
Croatan Forest
■ CPN recommends the Town communicate with the Forest Service in New
Bern to take advantage of the nearby Croatan Forest.
■ Various opportunities the forest could offer include recreational amenities
such as greenways or biking trails and training opportunities.
■ Overall the forest could become a beacon of sorts for the Town attracting
more outdoor enthusiasts to the area.

Final Report

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