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Project Scope

A total of eleven residents of the Yadkinville area attended the community workshop hosted by CPNI on June 8-9, 2023. Those in attendance were predominantly local business owners and town board members. Residents expressed a common vision for the town of growth and community and were unanimous in the need for revitalization of the downtown core. Residents also expressed the difficulty the town has in retaining young adults, 18 to 24, as Yadkinville does not have many activities or evening recreation such as dining or bars to offer younger residents. The main draw the meeting attendees noted is the young and growing local church that attracts folks as far as Winston-Salem to come and visit the town of Yadkinville on a weekly basis for church services.   

Team Members


  1. Workshop Leader – Julie McLaurin, DLR Group 
  2. James Curry, CMTA
  3. Doug Burns, Becker Morgan Group 
  4. David Penalva, NOVA
  5. Brent Cockrum, FEI Civil Engineers
  6. Todd Berg, Morris Berg Architects 
  7. Wayne Robinson, VHB
  8. Aaron Bopp, SKA Consulting Engineers
  9. Than Schado, ASU Grad Student



CPNI and NCGrowth offer the following recommendations to increase economic vitality and address key structural and safety concerns.

  • Full time town employee
  • Overlay district
  • Qualified Census Tract & Opportunity Zones
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Branding
  • Town Draw

Final Report

Click here to read the final report for Yadkinville Workshop