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Project Scope

A CPNI Team of volunteers spent two days in Maysville, October 21-22, 2015 to convene with town leaders, tour the town, project assessment and planning, and project delivery. Click here to see all the photos from the Maysville Trip.

Team Members

Local Leaders

  • James Harper – Town Manager of Maysville
  • Dan Ryan – Engaged citizen & volunteer
  • Wayne Salem – President of Maysville Development Corporation
  • Elwood Moore – Engaged citizen & volunteer
  • David Elliot – Pastor of St. Luca Church in Maysville
  • Robert Broomer – Engaged citizen & volunteer
  • Judy Hills: Executive Director, Council of Governments in New Bern

CPN Institute and Collaborating Partners

  • Jim Schenck – CPNI Institute Chairman, Conner Gwyn Schenck PLLC
  • Doug Burns – KSQ Architects
  • Jeanine Bachtel – University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Janet Brooks – Clark Nexsen
  • Chris Busch – Geo-Hydro Engineers
  • Pat Fogleman – CPN Staff
  • John MacKay – MBP Carolinas, Inc.
  • Thomas Frere – Studen Liaison, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Mark Little, NCGrowth



  • Improving the Look of Main Street Storefronts:
    • Main street programs
    • Leasing programs
    • Display community projects and announcements
    • Formation of Merchant’s Association
    • Create an initiative to create historic conservation district in the commercial and residential blocks around the business district
  • Developers of Lakes on the White Oak:
    • Talk to developers about a concession agreement to allow community members to access the water
    • Private rental businesses – kayak & canoe
    • Consider mixed-use zone, higher density to make a project economically feasible on the property
  • Dollar Store:
    • Add a pharamacy, a P.A., and LLC in the building
  • Train Station & Commercial Park:
    • Should serve as a welcome/commercial hub
    • Seek sources from Developer Associations about ideas for the property
  • Waste Treatment Plan
    • Get a lifecycle cost analysis done
    • Make sure lines going into the waste water treatment plant are large enough to support future development
    • EPA’s Harship Grants Program is a potential source of funding for these types products.
  • Look at the macro and micro levels where the town needs to be and wants to be
  • A conditional zoning district has the potential to solve  lot of problems in Maysville
  • Be careful about holding up growth and development based on what might happen with the DOT and Highway 17.

Final Report

Click here to download the workshop summary